SERVICES to individuals

Thematic coffee-meetings on issues that matter to you

° Is the image of aging distorted by the media?

° What does the age 50-plus workforce want? 

° How do you reconcile work and family matters when you are a caregiver and a worker?

Portrait, intergenerational photo book, multimedia production

Production of podcasts: interviews on diversified and professional life paths and/or civic engagement

SERVICES to organizations

Thematic awareness workshops and organize conferences.

° L?image du vieillissement est-elle déformée par les médias?

° La main d??uvre après 55 ans que souhaite-t-elle?

° Âgisme, santé et discrimination, réalité ou mythe?

° Comment concilier travail- famille quand on est proche-aidant et travailleur?

Corporate portrait sessions, Photos service during your events or for your web use

Corporate podcast production: interviews with inspiring managers and innovators.