We promote dialogue and exchanges between generations so we can live better together within the context of an aging population.


  • Let's make age diversity a plus value!
  • The contributions of people aged 50 and over are a tremendous force in an open and inclusive society


Cause en-Images is a platform for:

  • Mobilizing citizens from all walks of life and backgrounds who believe in the important contributions of older people to our society.
  • Promoting diverse and inspiring life trajectories
  • Taking a more realistic look at the representations of aging in the media and our society


Inform I Raise awareness I Discuss I Act

° Amplify the voices of older people heard on issues that concern them.

° Promote the talents, skills and contributions of people aged 50-plus in our society

° Propose alternatives to the clichés conveyed in the media about aging

° Promote dialogue and exchanges between generations to allow a better understanding of the challenges of aging in order to live better together


Cause en-Images cafés

Coffee meet-ups to discuss issues that matter to you or that you might be concerned about

Thematic awareness workshops

Organize a variety of awareness-raising, information and conference workshops .

Production of podcasts

Interviews on diverse life paths, professional and community engagement initiatives


  • Individual portraits sessions 
  • Corporate portraits sessions
  • Photographic services during events
  • Photographic and multimedia projects
  • Link: photography portfolio Linda Couture (myportfolio.com)